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The Shatterizer Vape Pen – Buy or Bye?

The cannabis community has been buzzing about the Shatterizer, it seems everywhere I looked there was someone either using it or recommending it. In fact, it was recently nominated in the category of 'Best Vaporizer' award at O'Cannabiz Industry Awards Gala. Still to be perfectly honest I was apprehensive, I have a box of vapes collecting dust as a reminder I don't need another vape pen. Despite a sleek aesthetic and some wicked branding (shout-out to #perfectclouds!) I was still on the fence. Val, one half of the founding duo, won me over at an awesome party hosted by High Canada Magazine, promising it would change how I viewed concentrates.



  • This thing is seriously portable, I take it with me everywhere. I bought the metal mouth piece and it is great for purse travel
  • It's super affordable - probably the least expensive vape I own, yet is clearly high quality (and the company is Canadian!)
  • 3 temperature settings allows you to control your experience
  • It is super easy to clean, the parts come apart and go back together with ease
  • It has amazing battery life and is quick to recharge
  • It really does make using cannabis concentrates a breeze
  • If you fancy yourself a cannaisseur you must try the ceramic coils - it is more authentic to taste and burns smoother


  • The standard version comes with a glass mouth piece. It makes for a stunning IG post but is super breakable when bouncing around a purse
  • The metal stash jar that attaches to the bottom of the pen is kind of irritating. I know it's petty but the pen would be the perfect length if it were part of the base instead of a magnet.

Val wasn't wrong, the Shatterizer Vape really has changed how I view concentrates. I have owned this game-changing vape for 3 months now, in fact we had to buy another to keep from fighting over it in my home! I love using it on the go, as a medical patient I often need to be able to medicate while out and about. The Shatterizer is so discreet, there is only a slight scent, and since you are using concentrates instead of dried flower, a little goes a long way.

Verdict - Buy!

(Hell, buy two)

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