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Sutra Mini Vaporizer – Buy or Bye?

I have a hard time committing to vaping, mostly because finding the perfect vape is an expensive game of trial and error. Searching for the perfect vape is kind of like finding the perfect hot beverage travel cup, you want a blend of functionality, personal preference, and the right mouth feel. The Sultra Mini isn't the perfect vape, but it's the first nearly perfect dry herb vaporizer in my collection.


  • Great hand feel - if you have grip issues, arthritis, or general hand issues this vape is good for you.
  • Decent sized chamber - medical users and high tolerance humans friendly.
  • Durability - I need a vape that can handle a drop or two. Mine has been knocked, dropping and stepped on (lightly) and it still looks like the picture
  • Easy to clean - Build up with frequent use is minimal. All the parts come apart easily and clean like a dream.


  • 'Meh' battery life - it only lasts for about 5 or 6 sessions, even with auto turn off function. If it's your main form of consumption you will likely need to charge it twice daily
  • It's heavy - I can't lug this beast around in my purse or pocket so I need a travel vape.
  • The mouthpiece - Ok this one is super picky, but it makes me think of a sippy cup. Not a dealbreaker, but enough to bug me on a per use basis.

This is a solid frequent home use vaporizer that will give you reliable temperatures, perfect puffs, and decent sized chamber for high tolerance consumers. While it may be a little heavy for your pocket or purse, it's great for medicating at home. It is inexpensive, durable and definitely a buy from this girl.

Verdict - BUY

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