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Kine Box Subscription Box

Be Kind to Yourself with the Kine Box

Kine box is a subscription box that comes out quarterly and features exclusively Canadian cannabis accessories and apparel. The contents of each box are a mystery until release, which to me feels like adult version of the surprise bag (love it). One of the really cool things about this subscription box is that it also comes in mini! Sometimes you just need a little, hell sometimes you can only afford a little.

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The Spring Edition of the Kine Box contains (don't worry it's not a spoiler once the box is released)

  • Pre-rolled cones and king size pack of natural hemp rolling papers
  • A stunning black pipe
  • A DIY kit for cannabis gummies - just add cannabis
  • An artisanal hemp wick
  • A scent proof folding pouch
  • Designer paper tips

Sustainable Packaging and Practical Products

All the items included are functional, locally sourced, and delivered in sustainable packaging. It is wonderful to see a subscription box that I wouldn't feel guilty ordering multiple times a year. Even if a product or two isn't for you, there is still so much value inside. Special shout-out to Crowns by Eves of Eden which turned out to be my favourite product included - no more cellulose tips for me! While certain subscription boxes can feel like luxury, this box is so damn functional it makes my heart happy. I feel like you could order every edition of this box and you would never need to hit up a head shop again.


The 'Be Kine' Program

A play on be kind, the humans behind Kine Company Ltd. wanted to give back to the cannabis community so they set up an annual donation as part of their business model. For their first anniversary, in February 2020, they have chosen to donate a percentage of their sales to the advocacy groups Norml Canada and Cannabis Amnesty.

"We are very fortunate to live in such a progressive and open country, and grateful we have access to this amazing plant. But there is still a lot of stigma surrounding cannabis and many Canadians are still dealing with difficult challenges - legal or otherwise." said co-owner Karen of Kine Box when I asked her about the motivation behind the Be Kine program.

For me, the combination of functional items for any cannabis consumer and the generous hearts behind the Kine Box are what set it apart from other subscription services.

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Kine Box sent me this box in exchange for an honest review. This discount is for you - being chronically ill is expensive. Should you decide to make a purchase using this promo code, I will not make a profit. No pressure, you do you <3

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