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I rediscovered my love of cannabis with Canndora’s Fierce Founders Box!

I have always admired subscription boxes, to me they are the epitome of luxury. There is incredible indulgence in receiving a box of perfectly curated products. Imagine my excitement when I discovered a subscription box designed with the female cannabis consumer in mind! One of the great things about Canndora Club's line of elevated accessories is that you can buy one box, or even just individual components, if you are on a budget. Canndora Club's spring box, Fierce Founders, is a curation of items that celebrate women in the cannabis industry.

First Impressions

I have been a medical patient for years, to me cannabis is typically very clinical. It is easy to get caught in the medication mindset and forget that cannabis is also a lifestyle. I do a lot of writing on women who like weed; the fashion, the decadence, the community. Chalk this  up to forgetting to practice what you preach, from the minute I opened the Fierce Founders box I rediscovered that joy. The smells, the texture of the products, the luxury of getting a stunning parcel in the mail. I felt invigorated in a way I had forgotten was possible.


What's in the Box?

The items in Canndora's spring subscription box are from women-led, Canadian founded businesses. I think that the message behind this box is as formidable as the products themselves. Women in the cannabis industry are a force to be reckoned with, demanding a seat at the table and giving cannabis consumers quality products that reflect their experiences. So what's in the box? A vaporizer, a bubble bath, a salve, a magazine and a package of pre-rolled cones - along with a healthy dose of empowerment.

Shatterizer Vape Pen

This vape pen is discreet, compact, and utterly perfect for medicating on the go. It takes the confusion out of concentrates (shatter, rosin, resin, and oil) and is probably the only vape not collecting dust on a shelf.

Soak Life Bubble Bath

I spent ten years as an esthetician and believe  me, you can tell this bath soak is formulated by a certified aromatherapist. Close your eyes and breathe deeply while indulging in this Pinene-inspired treat.

Canndora Darlings Pre-Rolls

I honestly don't tend to use pre-rolls, but ever since my hands started to go they have been an asset. I wasn't expecting how fancy I would feel when using these Darlings designer cones. I've never felt so damn glamourous while medicating!

Earth Kisses Sky Skin Salve

I was excited simply by the fact this salve is made in my hometown but it also really works - even if you don't infuse it. As a fibro-warrior it isn't easy to find a pain/inflammation salve that is effective enough for my muscles. Even better? You won't smell like bong water OR that menthol medical smell.


The HerB Life Vol. 2

I love love love this issue - and not even because it contains my first in-print article! It's visually stunning, educational, insightful, and empowering collection of written and visual representations of the cannabis community.

Final Thoughts

This subscription box contains the perfect curation of products from female-founded businesses. I was a recreational consumer before becoming a medical patient, but somewhere along the way I got lost in the medical aspects of cannabis. The Fierce Founders box reminded me that cannabis can be fun, in addition to being medicine.

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