CannaQueen: An Origin Story

I still remember the day I told my parents about my new treatment approach after years of chronic pain. I was terrified, outside of my teen years and the occasional party, I was no friend of the devil's lettuce.

Social stigma combined with a family tendency towards addiction, I was apprehensive myself and was expecting a fight from my parents. But what I got from them was unconditional support, and a glimmer of hope for relief from the pain that had taken hostage of my life.


Fast-forward 3 years, I’ve been able to control most of my pain with cannabis. I’ve been made aware of the transformative effects that cannabis has as a medicine, a tool for social justice, an economic stimulant, and a step to empowerment. I became part of a community of passionate, intelligent, driven people. Cannabis culture is compassionate, inclusive, and to be honest – kind of revolutionary.

So here I am, the living embodiment of the anti-stoner, asking you to take a look around. With the upcoming legalization of recreational cannabis for Canada I believe it is important to share lived experiences, research and news, to dispel myths, and educate so people can make their own choices. Even more so, I want to challenge that one dimensional pothead archetype and make space for a vision of a stoner that is as diverse as the cannabis industry itself.

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