Ask CannaQueen is a cannabis and chronic illness lifestyle blog founded by Ashley Keenan, writer and media consultant. In 2018 this blog was created to give voice to medical cannabis patients, who are often left out of the conversation.

I don't claim to be an expert but I do have a way with words. I use personal anecdotes, reporting, and industry experts to destigmatize cannabis and humanize the people who rely on it. Here you will find educational resources, product reviews, and personal essays about medical cannabis, what it means to be a cannabis user, and what it's like to be 'too young to be this sick'

Why Cannabis?

Cannabis is a powerful tool for healing, a catalyst for social and economic equality, and is providing unprecedented opportunity for women and people of colour in business. Unfortunately misinformation and stigma are prevalent, often reducing cannabis users to a punchline. I am proud and humbled to join an industry full of driven and brilliant professionals ahead of their time. Ask CannaQueen is here to help people feel empowered in their cannabis choices through education and engagement.

About Ashley - the voice behind Ask CannaQueen

Ashley Keenan is journalist and media consultant in the cannabis industry with bylines in the National Post, LeaflyHerB LifeGrowthOp, and more. Ashley is also an avid patient advocate, sharing her health journey through her personal blog and volunteer work with SheCann Cannabis. Connect with Ashley on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, or via email at askcannaqueen[@]